Praise for Be the People

Be the People is a courageous analysis of today’s most pressing issues, exposing the deceptions by the cultural elite and urging ‘We the People’ to restore America’s faith and values.”

—Sean Hannity, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Syndicated Radio Host, The Sean Hannity Show, Fox News Channel Host, Hannity


“Dr. Swain’s Be the People is an excellent piece of work—a thorough and honest examination of how politics and America’s history intertwine in the real world. Dr. Swain explores many public policy topics. I strongly recommend her chapter on immigration policy and politics; she provides a thoughtful examination of a complex topic that often generates strong feelings.”

—Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX-21) Chair, Committee on The Judiciary, U.S. House of Representatives


“In Be the People Professor Carol Swain thoughtfully examines the biblical roots and religious significance of today’s most pressing issues. Professor Swain shows how to make your voice heard and how to reclaim America’s faith and values.”

—Lou Dobbs, Host, Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs Tonight; nationally-syndicated radio host, Lou Dobbs Show and Lou Dobbs Financial Reports


“There are many good books but only a few really important ones. Dr. Carol Swain’s Be the People is one of the latter. Brave, informed, candid, and thoughtful, she brings her fine academic mind to bear on the most pressing needs facing our country. She calls on ‘We the People’ to be the people our nation’s founders envisioned, a people united around a common set of moral convictions who have the courage to live them out. Dr. Swain proves that Christian faith and deep patriotism are alive and well and offers a recipe of hope for America’s future.”

—Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council


“Carol Swain is that rarest of rare things: a distinguished university professor and prominent public intellectual who is willing to stand up and speak out for God and country. Far from considering herself to be superior to her fellow citizens for whom religious faith, old-fashioned virtues, and a spirit of patriotism are cherished values, she encourages—and, indeed, challenges—the people of the United States to be more intensely devoted to what Lincoln referred to at Gettysburg as ‘this nation, under God.’ Be the People is a ringing affirmation of the central principles of the American republic and the traditions of faith and thought that brought it into being. Professor Swain does not turn a blind eye to America’s failings, be they the enslavement of her fellow African-Americans earlier in our history or the abandonment of the unborn to abortion, but she reminds us that the key to reform is—as it always has been—renewed fidelity to the principles of liberty and justice on which this great and good nation was founded.”

—Robert P. George McCormick, Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University


“In Be the People Dr. Swain offers a vigorous defense of the founding values so many of us hold dear. She exposes the insidious misperceptions, even lies that elites in this country have perpetuated to justify the growth of government and the dilution of our core values. Professor Swain’s inspirational book is important for Americans who hope and pray for a better nation.”

—Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-7) Vice-Chair, Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade, US House of Representatives


“Carol Swain is simply a truth teller. She makes no apologies for her conservative, pro American stances. Be the People will illuminate you to the real truth about the social, fiscal, and godless nosedive our country is experiencing right now. This book will challenge you to stand up and do something about it. God bless Dr. Swain!”

—John Rich, Country Music Singer, Songwriter and Producer


“A courageous, challenging, and controversial call to Americans of all colors to return to their Creator and to come to their Judeo-Christian senses.”

—Dr. Peter A. Lillback, President, The Providence Forum, Author, George Washington’s Sacred Fire


“I applaud Carol’s labor. Everyone should read this work, immediately commit to the action points at the end of each chapter, and recommend this book to someone else. Be a nation-changer! Together, we can reclaim both America’s faith and the vision our forefathers carried as they established this great nation.”

—Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr., Senior Pastor, Hope Christian Church, President and Founder, High Impact Leadership Coalition


“In Be the People Carol Swain unflinchingly takes on the cultural elites that disdain America’s religious and political traditions. I don’t always agree with her, but I am grateful for her voice in the debate.”

—James Taranto, Wall Street Journal editor, and author Best of the Web Today


“If you desire to be further empowered in taking a meaningful and right stand concerning issues that will shape our future freedoms and the release of God’s blessings, if you want a solid resource to aid and enlighten your political position while supporting your beliefs, read Be the People. “Ignorance is not bliss: clearly we must stand united for America with a clear and informed voice at such a time as this.”

—Jennifer O’Neill. Actress, Author, Speaker


“This dynamic and insightful book is a must read for every American as Dr.
Swain pulls back the veil and powerfully reveals the truth about those who are actively engaged in the attempt to destroy our nation from within.”

—Dr. Richard Lee, Editor, The American Patriot’s Bible; Speaker, There’s Hope America


“Carol Swain has written one of the best apologetics for the conservative Christian worldview that I’ve ever come across. Everyone concerned about the direction this country seems to be going in of late should read this excellent call to action.”

—John Rosemond, Family Psychologist, Author, The Diseasing of America’s Children


“In Be the People Carol Swain does a masterful job of describing the plight of America in 2011. While making no attempt to sugarcoat the reality of the problems we face as a nation, Dr. Swain nonetheless offers practical and time-tested ideas for public policy initiatives that will bring back the blessing of God to America.


“But beyond the insightful analysis of where we are as a nation and the steps to find healing, there is the incredible human story of how, through God, Carol overcame impossible odds to become the accomplished woman she is today. I am left with a sense of awe about the power of Christ to transform a life and then use that life to touch others.”

—Randy Hekman, Candidate for US Senate in Michigan; Author, Justice for the Unborn


Be the People is a courageous, carefully researched, comprehensive, insightful, and timely gift to the American people. Dr. Carol Swain . . . writes with the sober conviction of one who well understands the risks of speaking up but who has also measured them as carrying far less weight than the risk of silence or compromise. God bless her.”

—Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder and President, BOND (Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny), National Radio Talk Show Host


“In Be the People, Dr. Carol Swain thoughtfully examines the religious significance of today’s most pressing issues and shows how We the People can make our voices heard to reclaim America’s faith and values.”

–Suellen Roberts, Founder & President, Christian Women in Media

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